Friday, March 3, 2017

Semester 8

Salam & hi.

Finally I'm on my last semester here. I will miss UKM so much. And I know that I will regret the things that I haven't done during my studies here. At least I already went to the rooftop of FKAB haha with my dear friend <3


So here in our last semester, we have this subject named "Advocacy" which does not have a final exam, but will have like the full trial and will be assessed by the real judges. The firms will be divided to criminal and civil litigation, and unfortunately my firm got civil. Most of us rooting for criminal, because criminal cases are more way interesting, of course. And your money won't flow to create (forged) a lot of documents and cause papers such as civil litigation cases.

Well, it won't do to cry over a spilt milk, lol. My firm mates and I should pour our heart to our Plaintiff and Defendant's case wholeheartedly. Phew, so dramatic.

Most of our time are spent solely for this subject, (to create the 10 types of documents, cause papers with a lot copies, the written arguments etc) as we will have the full trial include the witnesses as in a real court proceedings, in front of a judge. But for civil advocacy, the judges are among the lecturers, for criminal the invited judges are the real judges.

Still, we should learned from our last semester, to never abandoned other subjects such as CPC and Evidence huhu but howww...

As the research made for our cases, I found that (at least for the Plaintiff) I'm really hooked as the facts given is quite interesting.


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