Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Its 2016


Its already 2016, and here I am in my third year struggling with mini thesis and yada yada lol. So, basically I have another one year to complete my law degree. Next semester I will be in a 4th year already, wow. Senior year la kunun. Most degree courses in UKM, the duration to complete one's degree is only 3 years, and 4 years for engineering courses, law and several courses under Technology and Science Faculty. Therefore I will be changing my roommate again in my 4th year it seems. (kalau masih dapat duduk kolej la)

Intern for 10 weeks during this upcoming semester break, inshaAllah. Free labour at high court. #nasibbudakintern. I saw this discussion between my high school friends, for tutoring our juniors during our semester break just the same as before. Sadly I cannot contributed for this year because of this compulsory internship.

2016, I hope I can create another colourful memories with you.

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