Monday, November 11, 2013

A Loner Through and Through?

Someone in FB shared this. That made me burst into tears.

Thanks Kak Salwa for the reminder. "Muslims never be a loner. As they have Allah, who never let them be alone." 

Thanks. A. Lot.

[The caption]

Dalam persabatan.
Jangan lebihkan sorang je.
Nanti lagi sorang terasa.

Takkan dia nak cakap yang dia terasa kot?

Ukhuwah itu bersama sama..

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ngarutan #5: Law Is Killing Me


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Yes, seriously law is killing me!! I'm so stress right now, the midsem break will be over soon. But I am not done to read all the cases yet, also the cases that I had missed a lot since I entered late in this Uni. The assignments are just ok, since we work it together in group but urghh..

Slowly I feel so messed with law.. Suddenly I feel like I don't want to further this course. ;(

The spirit (haha) is not the same when I was in the foundation at UiTM.

Maybe because when it comes to degree phase, it becomes harder and difficult and you just like must to know all about THIS and all about THAT and and and I felt so annoyed! Sometimes when it hit me so hard I will have my tough phase that I should pretend that soon it'll be alright.

The solution just that; I should react and think in more positive way. And should be back to our first intention to study to gain knowledge; that is for Allah. This is jihad. Come on, just because of this you want to give up all the hardships to enter into this university and into this course? - Think critically.

Renew your niat, your intention. Remember your parents. Your family. Your dreams, oh yeah definitely. Oh Allah, indeed this is so hard. So hard to kill the laziness inside of me ;(

But it does'nt kill to keep trying.

Or crying.

Opps, hey Hannah, you wrote these rants in English! Haha.

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