Saturday, August 12, 2017

Serious Stuff

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I used to write and blog since I was thirteen years old. And mostly I wrote about psychological stuff (online psychology test), family, school, motivational cliche topics (bahahaha), random topics and sometimes write the reviews of movies and books. My first blog was in the wordpress website, and then I moved to blogdrive, and after that tadaaaa, in I can't remember why I did not stick to one type of blogging website back then, but maybe because of trends.

When I was fifteen, I used to have a good conversation with this one senior that I respected. Once, we shared a several blog links of Malaysian students who wrote a good and serious topics about current issues and religion. And then I asked her, "Kak, why don't you try to write a blog too?"

Of course at that time I did not tell her that I have a blog (because my blog full of childish stuff). And then she replied, "I don't think I have a good things to write and share to the people."

Me: "Oh, but you can start with just sharing about your life and stuff like that."

And after that I don't really remembered what exactly that she said, but basically this; she said that if she wants to write, she does not want to write about just her life, she wants to write about serious stuff like current issues, religion etc. And yes, it hits me paaapp like that in my heart hehe.

Of course, I was a teenager back then. And now a bit matured (ehem), I still cannot write a serious topics in my blog without it being end up in a draft section. It's not that I can't, I just realized that I don't want to. (At least now.. I think)... after my contract with gov ended haha

Friends who personally know me, knows that I like to discuss about philosophy, current issues, criticized this and that, and a strong opinionated person (they called me stubborn, actually). Sometimes I wish I have a pen and paper like Rita Skeeter (in Harry Potter) that will write everything that popping out of my mouth, so it save myself from writing it down again (yeah, I'm that lazy).

But maybe it just like, blogging for me, at this moment, more to a reflect of chronological part of my life. I mean, it's more like a recorded life that I wrote down at the moment, what I think, rambled about etc. So that I will read at the old entries and feel like "Wow, what a naive teenager I've been back then" or "Why I write this stupid stuff?" or "Is this really me who write this?"

That's why in my bio, I wrote that this is a personal blog.

And yes, sometimes I wish I can publish all of those without a doubt, and without afraid of the reaction or feedback from other people. (Yeah, my opinion is THAT scandalous).

#selfclaim #booo

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