Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My tauke & part time job

Salam and hi :)

Usually during my semester break, I will be working a part time job. After my foundation year, I searched for a job at a small shop in the supermarket. And I got a job as a seller in this jewellery's shop which sells silvers, brooch, etc. I think I worked there for 5 months, before I got to pursue my degree on September. But after that, even during my semester break, the tauke will call me and asked me to work again haha. And our friendship right now like 4 years already and he got married during that and now I'm working with his wife, as he opened another shop at another supermarket.

People always say to me "Rajinnya kerja cuti-cuti macam ni". Well, I need money. I don't know about other people, but the way I raised, if you want something, then you should work for it. I would'nt asked for money to my parents unless I am really broke and in need of something. All of my siblings aware of the motto (lewls, if it can call a motto), well except our youngest brother perhaps.

Some people are so racist, because I worked with a chinese. And some customers too. There's a guy asked me "Tauke cina ke dik?" I nodded, hinted the sound of disapproved from his glance. Then he said, "Bukak kedai sendiri la dik,". If I followed my urges on that particular time, I would smash his face into bruises.

What's wrong with befriend or working with a person that have different race/religion than yours? What a sick mentality that certain Malaysians hold on to. My tauke & his wife are very kind and helpful to me, so much that sometimes I felt so embarrassed (because I'm not that good employee).

Now I help them during the fasting month, as it close to raya time, usually there are a lot of customers and they need an extra hand. Eunice always treat us for the break of fast, (berbuka/sungkai). And yes, she also treat us for lunch and breakfast if we can't fast, she's that generous :). Love her.

The essence of taking a part time job is, you learn a lot about people and it makes you humble doing the simple or ordinary job. And you didnt care about what other people think about you.

Eid Mubarak everyone.

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